Aprendizaje autónomo

Un artículo de octubre en el Huffington Post sobre aprendizaje autónomo, aquí

“El aprendizaje autónomo consiste en permitir a los niños y niñas tener su propia voz en cuanto al desarrollo de su parendizaje.

Autonomous learning is about allowing children their own voices in shaping their own learning. They attend groups with children of different ages, play with their peers, draw and doodle and run and make up games, depending on how social they feel at the time. The parents are there to help them along, but we are there as privileged observers, not anxious annotators who are required to report to other people the number of boxes our child has ticked that day. In any case, everyone has ‘off’ days, and can do with doing less mentally taxing projects now and again, returning with full force on other days. They have the freedom not to perform their best only in exams and on certain projects, the freedom to make mistakes and try again, and to see how far their own minds will take them, without fear of constantly being judged by adults.

There is a lot of criticism of the current education system from parents, teachers and education specialists alike, but it rarely focuses on the fact that The National Curriculum, which is rigid and at odds with children’s natural learning patterns, is also only the government’s idea of what is important, not necessarily the parent’s or society’s. The Curriculum separates learning into set subjects where a certain amount of information must be imparted within a specific timescale, which means that students who have a naturally slower learning style are made to feel inadequate. On the other hand, those who excel in specific subjects are unable to take their learning further in those areas, beyond what the Curriculum lays out for them. The students in the middle muddle on okay, but they develop a lazy approach to learning, and often feel that they did not make the most of their education.


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